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TDG110 Mobile Boring Equipment

TDG110-line Boring Services, Horizontal Bursting Services

TDG110-line Boring Services, Horizontal Bursting Services

Boring diameter:8.66-35.43"(220-900mm)

Products Details

                                                           TDG110 Line Boring

TDG110 Portable line boring machine.jpg

Used in processing inner hole, Big scaled ship fixed hole, ship axis hole, can be installed horizontally and vertically.

Technical Details:

●Boring bar diameter: 110mm

●Boring Diameter:220-900mm

●Boring bar rpm: 0-120

●Feed rate:0.16/0.28mm/rev

●Facing head feed rate:0.148/0.298mm/rev

●Power option: Servo motor、Hydraulic motor

TDG110 Line Boring Setup


Rotational Drive Unit / Axial Feed Unit


Rotation Drive Unit

●Aluminum structure, has a good cooling effect

●Mounts anywhere on the bar

●3:1 gear reduction ratio(standard)

Axial Feed Unit

●Automatic feed travel depends on boring bar length

●Can be installed at any end of the boring bar

●Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev

Facing Head / Boring Head

●Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev

●Mounts anywhere on the bar

●Can be customized according to your request size


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