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TDG200 Portable Line Boring Machines

TDG200 -line Boring Services For Sales

Boring diameter:15.74-59.05"(400-1500mm),boring bar:Φ200mm, axial feed travel:same as boring bar

Products Details

TDG200 Line Boring 


Used in processing inner hole, Big scaled ship fixed hole, ship axis hole, can be installed horizontally and vertically.

Technical Details:

● Boring bar diameter: 200mm                               ● Feed rate:0.16/0.28mm/rev

● Boring Diameter:400-1500mm                             ● Facing head feed rate:0.148/0.298mm/rev

● Boring bar rpm: 0-120                                           ● Power option: Servo motor, Hydraulic motor

TDG200 Line Boring Setup


Rotational Drive Unit / Axial Feed Unit


Rotation Drive Unit

● Aluminum structure, has a good cooling effect

● Mounts anywhere on the bar

● 3:1 gear reduction ratio(standard)

Axial Feed Unit

● Automatic feed travel depends on boring bar length

● Can be installed at any end of the boring bar

● Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev

Facing Head / Boring Head


● Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev

● Mounts anywhere on the bar

● Can be customized according to your request size



● Inner sheathed copper plating, effectively protecting the boring bar.

● Increase the cushion blocks, to meet the different needs of boring.

4-arm Support / Center Support


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