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LMD4000 Portable Gantry Milling Machine

LMD4000 Rotation Linear Milling Machine Tools

LMD4000 Rotation Linear Milling Machine Tools

SPECIFICATIONS The innovative design of LMD Milling Machines to achieve line milling and Gantry milling two functions. The perfectly designed forged steel bed structure guarantee to fulfill maximum rigidity and precision within rigorous tolerances in both linear and gantry mill configurations....

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The innovative design of LMD Milling Machines to achieve line milling and Gantry milling two functions.

The perfectly designed forged steel bed structure guarantee to fulfill maximum rigidity and precision within rigorous tolerances in both linear and gantry mill configurations. Aluminum arm is equipped with hardened dovetail groove rails.The dovetail groove rails are precision ground and hardened for accuracy and extending working life.


Technical Specifications Of LMD4000

X Axis(Bed) Stroke 4000mm
Y Axis(Arm) Stroke - Standard 1000mm
Y Axis(Arm) Stroke - Option 500mm, 2000mm, 3000mm
Z Axis Stroke 250mm
Spindle Head Taper NT40 or NT50
Maximum Cutter Diameter  160mm(NT40) or 250mm(NT50)
Milling Spindle Power - Hydraulic 18.5KW, 60L/min
Milling Spindle Power - Pneumatic 3KW
Auto Feed Power - Hydraulic 20L/min
Auto Feed Power - Electric Heavy Duty Electric Feed
Auto Feed Power - Pneumatic 0.7KW
Feed Rate 35-750mm/min
Spindle R.P.M.(Hydraulic) 0-740
Spindle R.P.M.(Pneumatic) 0-650
Digital Read Out Z Axis Digital Scale
Shipping Weight  
Shipping Dimensions  

Test Data

D Spindle Head Cutter Diameter Spindle R.P.M. Dep Of Cut Feed Rate
Gantry Milling NT50 250mm 500 1.5  
Line Milling NT40 160mm 500 2  

NOTE: Based on material Q345, Drive power: Hydraulic (18.5KW, 60l/min),Auto Feed:Hydraulic(20l/min), 

Gantry Mill Cutter Area Surface Roughness Flatness
Gantry Mill 250 x 1000mm Ra1.6  Ra3.2 0.05mm
Line Mill 160 x 1000mm Ra1.6  Ra3.2 0.03mm

NOTE: Flatness (setup & flatness measurements performed with a Status Pro(Made in Germany)


The above is our main technical parameters. You can download our documents as reference and send us message. Please let us know other special condition and work piece. We will find a better way to make you easily achieve machining and advice a suitable model. That also can be welcomed to become our agent if you would like to promote our machines. You will be supported prices and sales protection in your agent territory. 


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